Trackwell Fleet Features

  • Web based interfaces for users and administrators
  • New Universal Windows App available for Windows 10 that works on all Windows 10 devices from phones, tablets to laptops and desktops.  It is even supported on the 84 inch Microsoft Surface Hub
  • Multiple access privileges
  • Access to individual features depends on license and equipment selected
  • Tracking
    • Location and information of mobiles displayed on a geographical map
    • Location scheduling, location polling of fleets and individual mobiles
    • History data stored and accessible for as long as customers request
    • History query tools
  • Messaging
    • Standard e-mail communications using Outlook or any other e-mail program
    • Short messaging through the systems messaging interface
  • Dispatching and delivery monitoring
    • Event monitoring
      • Speed, zone, arrival, idle time and maintenance schedule monitoring
  • Driving habits analyzes
    • Reports and analyzes of driving.
    • Speeding – Stops.
  • Security
    • Driver security
    • Cargo and vehicle theft recovery
  • Reports
    • Report generation in text or Excel
    • Automatic reports

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Latest News

Windows 10 is here and so is Trackwell

Trackwell Inc. has released a brand new version of its Trackwell Fleet products for the trucking market, that run on the Windows 10 platform.  The new Universal Windows Apps for the Drivers and Fleet Managers make it easy and economical to start the path to increase driver productivity and...

Avalon Foodservice Implements Trackwell Fleet Management System

Trackwell ADS announced today that Avalon Foodservice has implemented the Trackwell Fleet™ system in their fleet of 29 delivery vehicles.  System components include Trackwell Messenger™, Trackwell Route™ and Trackwell Nav™.  Based in Canal Fulton, Ohio, Avalon Foodservice is a broadline foodservice distributor and supplies all food and supply product...