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Trackwell Inc. has been providing fleet management services in USA since 2012 (under the name of Trackwell ADS Inc).  Trackwell Inc. is part of Trackwell Ltd. in Iceland which was established in 1996, developing solutions for wireless communication networks.

Trackwell has a proven track record in developing mission-critical systems for telecom operators, governmental institutions and other organisations. An innovative team of professionals with vast experience has established the company as a leading provider of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions delivered as software as a service (SaaS) for enterprises. Trackwell MRM provides companies with tools to manage their resources: employees, vehicles, vessels and other mobile assets including functionality like time-, task-, and fleet management. Hundreds of companies manage thousands of employees and over ten thousand land, sea and air-borne vehicles via the Trackwell MRM systems, every day.

The Trackwell Mobile Resource Management offer state of the art services to manage their fleet and workforce.

Trackwell Fleet

Trackwell Fleet offers the most relevant functionality of general fleet management activities such as tracking, messaging, dispatching, etc.

Trackwell Driver

The Trackwell Driver App is the perfect tool for US Truck drivers.

VDV Retail Monitoring

Trackwell has a Joint Venture with Vista Data Vision called VDV Retail Monitoring, for Super Markets and Convenience Stores.

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Latest News

Windows 10 is here and so is Trackwell

Trackwell Inc. has released a brand new version of its Trackwell Fleet products for the trucking market, that run on the Windows 10 platform.  The new Universal Windows Apps for the Drivers and Fleet Managers make it easy and economical to start the path to increase driver productivity and...

Avalon Foodservice Implements Trackwell Fleet Management System

Trackwell ADS announced today that Avalon Foodservice has implemented the Trackwell Fleet™ system in their fleet of 29 delivery vehicles.  System components include Trackwell Messenger™, Trackwell Route™ and Trackwell Nav™.  Based in Canal Fulton, Ohio, Avalon Foodservice is a broadline foodservice distributor and supplies all food and supply product...